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Get your MBA degree along with our hi-end Industrial designed Programs and make yourself separate from the crowd. Our unique IDP’s will ensure your placement in your dream company with excellent salary package.

  • Eligibility
  • Admission Process
  • Why Join?
  • Must be a Graduate in any discipline with minimum 50% marks in the Bachelors Degree Examination. Candidates appearing for Final Year Bachelors Degree Examination can also apply for provisional admission; however, their admission will be valid provided they meet all eligibility criterions on the day of commencement of program classes.

    Passionate people having entrepreneurial mindset to initiate own venture successfully

    Ability to understand and comprehend new age professional and business world around us

    21 years of age, preferably with a valid test score of CAT/ XAT/ MAT or other equivalent examination

  • Pre-Selection

    • Application Submission
    • Entrepreneurial Quotient Assessment
    • Pre-Selection

    Selection Process

    Proof of Idea

    All shortlisted candidates need to answer the Proof of Idea questionnaire comprising of 30 questions and call-for-action designed to ensure their idea is robust and ready for the next step. After answering all questions, all candidates need to send the document to LEAD Centre of Excellence, who would contact you for a meeting where you will discuss the idea in one of the Regional Centers

    Idea Presentation

    You are required to discuss the Idea and make a presentation in one of the Regional Centers to a panel of judges who would assess and evaluate your Idea in depth followed by a Face to Face Interview.

    Confirmation and Admission

    Post Face to Face Interview across all Regional Centers, a list of shortlisted candidates would require sitting through the Admission counseling prior to fees submission and Admission to the EEP course.

    Post Selection Process

    Proof of Concept (Prototype)

    Post Admission while you are pursuing the EEP course, you are required to test your idea and see if it has a potential by working toward developing a proof of concept by way of a creating a prototype. In Proof of Concept, you test the feasibility of your idea through prototyping, customer traction or engaged partnerships. Upon entry into the Proof of Concept program, we establish ambitious and realistic goals for you to strive for. During this period, you have the possibility to work out of the office facilities at LEAD ACADEMY. Additionally, you have access to our business developers, experts, workshops and events, mentors and professional guidance.

    Proof of Business (Venture)

    Turn your concept into a business reality. When you have successfully proved your concept, in this final phase of the program, you have the opportunity to commercialize your concept and create a sustainable business with support from professional developers and peers – while maintaining low operational expenses. In order to give you the best conditions for success, LEAD ACADEMY facilitates access to training, workshops, mentoring, coaching, advisory boards, business angels and investors.


    MBA in Entrepreneurship Program with Diploma in Experiential Entrepreneurial Program - 2 Year

  • LEAD ACADEMY vouches for one of the most incisively crafted curriculum based on modern innovative approach that adheres to a unique practice based real time learning system that helps us provide a true “Startup Springboard”. This unorthodox learning method provides a holistic ecosystem to provide sustainability to aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of the key differentiators of LEAD ACADEMY are:

    Nurture to Ideate

    Every new entrepreneurial venture is a final outcome of a Great Idea. LEAD Academy nurtures the spirit of Ideating among all entrants to produces an “Awesome Idea”.

    Idea to Launch

    Each and every activity at LEAD ACADEMY is about giving shape to ideas leading into a reality, creative thinking, product building, beta testing experimentation, ability to take risk, fund mobilization alliances and managing uncertainties and failures.

    A vibrant E-Lab for Startups

    Our E- Lab is where all activities right from business drawing board to actual finishing goods shape through creativity, design, engineering and re-engineering. The heart and soul of all entrepreneurial activities lies in this E-Lab for Startups.

    Venture Funding Support

    Funding is the key for all Entrepreneurship; LEAD Academy believes in making you work on your idea supported through a seed capital. Apart, we accentuate all assistance in securing funding support from our Incubator, Partners and Funders to support your venture.

    By the Entrepreneurs for the Entrepreneurs

    LEAD ACADEMY through its active network of successful entrepreneurs, volunteer working closely with budding entrepreneurs as facilitators, mentors and investors and hand hold aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful entrepreneurs.

    LEAD ACADEMY Incubator

    LEAD Academy Incubator mobilizes resources, space and an environment for startups and entrepreneurs to develop their ventures. In their formative phase sharing their ideas, viewpoints and critical decisions along with a host of aspiring entrepreneur becomes handy in developing their business ideas.

    Horizontal Approach Vertical growth

    You will be growing along with other co aspiring entrepreneurs and go through the nuances of active learning that makes you think, try, make, correct till you perfect it and succeed.

    Top Faculties

    • Sunil Shukla Ph.D. (Psychology)
    • Amit Kumar Dwivedi Ph.D. (Commerce)
    • Dinesh Jain FPM (IIM Ahmedabad); MBA (Agribusiness); B.E
    • Rohita Kumar Mishra,MBA, UGC (JRF/NET); Ph.D. (Management)


    Pioneering establishments like Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, University of Georgia, USA, National Entrepreneur Network (A Wadhwani Foundation Initiative) and Tarkenton Institute, who nurture Entrepreneurship are knowledge partners of LEAD Academy.


    Every student enrolled to LEAD Academy will have to go through short term internships in a startup from their Industry and Domain relevant to their idea. They would be mentored by seasoned entrepreneurs from the same industry and domain during their internship and obtain hands-on-experience on every critical areas relating to their venture.


    LEAD Academy boasts of association with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, University of Georgia, USA, National Entrepreneur Network (A Wadhwani Foundation Initiative) and Tarkenton Institute, Bangalore University and University of Mysore.

    Other Facilities

    • Mentoring by CEO / CFO / COO / VPs
    • Facilitation for setting up venture
    • Outbound Leadership Programs
    • Hosts of relevant add on programs

Admissions open for the academic year 2017 - 2019

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