Link between MBA and Career Growth

A typical dilemma in all is, should I do my MBA or should I do my masters in my forte of studies(viz Masters in Science, Master in Technology and henceforth). The right answer for this would be to first understand your long term goals on where you want to see yourself in the future and as what. These are the typical questions asked around in a lot of places, but the fact lies in what is that you want to do ? When it comes to choosing to be on the Management side of the business, it is very important to have Masters in Business Administration. This can boost your profile to a greater extent. If you choose , for example, to be on the technology side, then it is best suited for you to do your Masters in technology and accordingly. But if you choose to get on the Management side of the Business then MBA is a must to have for all. There are very own advantages of doing an MBA.

Career advancement

For many people, it helps them to grow to the next step in their careers. Sometimes, after working for a certain amount of time, people find that they’ve reached a certain level in their careers, and they need something else to get to management-level positions. In today’s performance-oriented professional world, most of the people around you also have the same qualities and credentials that you possess. So, at this point, it is crucial for you to ask – what unique traits do you have that will differentiate you from the herd?

The answer is MBA. Actually, not just any MBA degree but an MBA degree with add-ons to the programs that can  help you make a quick transition from a mid-level role to a senior management position, where you will have the opportunity to take strategic decisions.

Build Network

Carrying a tag as that of the alumni is a very key factor that helps in Networking. You get to connect with your peers and also to the rest of the world through them . This could be of a great help to for you to build your career and then business if so in-turn. We all want to be identified as part of a group of high achievers. Doing an MBA from a reputed B-school gives you a great opportunity to network with smart, talented people who will hold top strategic positions in major companies or will be great business leaders someday.

In-depth knowledge of Business

A good MBA program gives you the knowledge that you could think your career path in the right direction. The entire classroom experience, interaction with faculty and peers, student activities, case studies… all these may radically change your perspective, both personally and professionally. Many MBA students discover a new person in themselves once they graduate from business school.

Help you explore opportunities around the world

There must have been times that you would have thought of moving to Australia or Canada or any other foreign country to work there. For example, In your current role, you may be able to move to an international market as a C++ coder but definitely not as a project manager.

An MBA, from a good B-School will help you know what the foreign market standards are, help you grow your international network and would enable you to learn about the requirements for an international career and get exposure to a totally different culture and way of life.

Helps you make more money

The bottom line is that a good MBA program can provide a measurable increase in salary. In fact, for most of the trustworthy MBA rankings, post-MBA “salary increase” is one of the main metrics for judging a school’s quality in relation to others.

Koshy’s B-School, with  the right set of programs that can enable you to be competitive as the rest with the best MBA along with top most add- on programs from University of Georgia, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India(EDII) and Indian Institute of e-Commerce (IIEC). These programs are build to ensure that students going through our program are very well placed with top most companies and also for those who wanted to be Entrepreneurs, they are and are running their ventures successfully.


Mr Kailash Patnaik

Country Head

Koshys B School.

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