Announcement Admissions for the Academic year 2019-20 are open now!

C Koshy - Founder



"Dedicated disciplinary research and professional teaching in an institution perfectly equipped to bring out the best in you."

At Koshys Group of Institution, students are groomed not just as managers but as holistic individuals. This is done through the pursuit of excellence in academics, innovation, team work, continuous evaluation, emphasis on self- study, numerous projects, time management skills, customer delight, leadership, communication, analysis, entrepreneurship and personality development.

Dr. Santhosh Koshy - Chairman



"At Koshys Group of Institution, we're creating new standards in better and more industry-relevant education."


Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, we transform world class management knowledge into viable and innovative solutions for present-day corporate-world problems. We achieve this through our experienced faculty and innovative teaching methodologies. Koshys Group of Institution is fully geared up to enlighten students on the latest in management's thoughts and techniques. This only helps bring them closer to real-life situations and challenges where they are sufficiently equipped to succeed on the job and make progress in their careers.

Sathish Koshy - Secretary



"Our students are agents of change and accelerators of growth."


Koshys Group of Institution aims at creating professionally competent and highly enlightened citizens who will help build a strong India and ultimately improve the quality of life of our people. We constantly design and redesign our programs and curriculum to develop the student's capabilities - to make it all relevant to and compatible with the ever changing needs of a demanding world.

Pankoj Roy - Director Admissions


Director Admissions

Hi there,

Thank you for showing interest on Koshys. Modern technology, hi class infra and industry best academics are the pillars of our institutions. We understand how fast the world is changing, we also understand along with the world the expectation of the students are also changing. We have established this institution in such a way that it would be dynamic and upgrading by its own regularly. We started our journey with handful of students in 2003 and today we are proud to have 1500+ studnets studying in our institutions. Discipline, ethics and professionalism is our strength. Lot of young bloods are running though the veins of Koshys and driving Koshys to the bigger success. We are young, we are hungry for success. We accept changes and adopt it before anyone even understand it. That’s why our growth is fast. Please look at yourself, if you see you are restless, you are stubborn and you are extremely hungry for success, then yes, this is your place. If you are happy with anything that you get, then please look for some other option because in that case you will not be able to survive in Koshys Culture. As we say, “where success is a tradition”

welcome to the journey of your dream to Koshys Group of Institutions.

Lophy Vellara - COO



Dear Students,

"It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be!"- Albus Dumbledore.

The quest for wisdom and virtue is a quest for unattainable ideals. The degree to which we attain these ideals is the degree to which we fulfill our humanity. Education is an epistemological exercise. This means that everything that happens in education is the enactment of beliefs and assumptions about what it means to know and how a person comes to know.  

When a unifying principle is applied to the entire curriculum and philosophy of education, the result is a program characterized by integration, harmony, and a consistency controlled by principles. We hope that you will see that  Koshys Group of Institutions strives to be such a place; and we  also hope you see Koshys as the right platform for your academic and career growth, where successful training programs  mold  you  into perfect professionals and your  employ-ability in various firms becomes assured; especially with great facilities like clubs, sports activities, etc. We thereby hope to make college life a cherished memory.