Announcement Admissions for the Academic year 2019-20 are open now!


We at Koshys College of Nursing strongly believe that building Nursing Employability among students can put them on the track for a rewarding career that could take them to various places and roles within the nursing fraternity. It goes without saying that our students are supported to develop and enhance their employability skills at all levels within the program right from the word go. To supplement this further, as part of their final year, students will participate in hosts of add on programs and employment related events, specifically designed to further improve their nursing employability skills - CV writing, job application and interview preparation skills that prepare them for success.

We also offer students the opportunity to complete the Healthcare Orientation Program intended to improve the acute skills of nursing through simulated exercises. Completion of the program is a basic requirement for all students prior to their pre-employment registration.

Our students are exposed to a diverse range of Practice Placements within the community, our Captive Hospitals and voluntary healthcare sectors, enabling them to develop into competent practitioners able to work in a variety of settings.

Our employability programs will give you an insight into the type of career path you could follow as a result of undertaking a nursing course at KCN.